My New Royce 5’9″ Video Was Shot Entirely with the Varavon Birdycam Lite

Check out my latest music video for Royce 5’9″ titled “Which Is Cool”, shot entirely with the Varavon Birdycam Lite and the Panasonic GH4. The concept is that Royce can hardly contain his honest thoughts which start filtering into the real world through his music. Here’s my treatment for the song:

We open on Royce and his brother walking out of their SUV and into a convenience store in Detroit. Inside the store are various extras – a skinny dude wearing feminine tight clothes, a girl dressed in baggy, masculine clothes, rich businessman, street dude, hooker, etc. Each time he calls out these personality types in his thoughts, we’ll cut to their actions. As this is happening Royce will walk through the store, gathering various items to purchase.

Royce’s performance will be gradual. It will begin as just his thoughts so his lyrics will be translated through his body language and looks which causes him to rap in spurts. The extras will interact with him, offended that they are being called out yet are too afraid to do anything about it.

Suddenly we cut to Royce and his brother purchasing the items at the counter. In the background all of the extras are staring at them in silence, emotionless and offended. We follow Royce and his bro into the SUV. Royce turns the radio on and suddenly we…

Cut to black.


Varavon Birdycam Lite 3-Axis Camera Gimbal

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  • Did you open up the aperature pretty big to get infinity focus so you didn’t have to worry about focusing while moving around on the Birdycam?

    • Rik

      I think I had it around f4.0 or 5.0 not too steep. The 14mm Pancake lens has pretty deep focus and works best with wide angle gimbal setups.

  • Corn Jimmy

    Hey Rik!
    I’m looking into getting a gimbal for weddings and real estate home tours. Debating on the ronin m / Birdycam lite. Camera setup will be a A7sii / 16-35 and a6300 / 16-35. Which gimbal would you recommend? What made you go w/ the Birdycam?
    I’m digging the video btw.

    • Rik

      That setup should work. I like the Birdycam Lite because it’s a much more compact and portable setup for traveling. I think both are great gimbals.

  • Corn Jimmy

    Thanks Rik!