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Konova K3 + Master Pan + Stability Arms Review

At this years 2015 NAB Show I had a chance to try out the Konova K3 Slider with Master Pan, a unique slider system that has a bar which allows the tripod head to automatically pan as the base moves down the slider track for super smooth parallax shots. Additionally, I had a chance to try the Konova Tripod Stability Arms which allows increased stability when using the slider on a single tripod. This effectively eliminates the need for a second tripod for support.


Konova sliders have a great reputation for quality and the K3 definitely lives up to that description. Each part is made from polished machined aluminum with roller bearings for smooth and precise camera moves. One of my first DIY builds was a friction-based slider made from sourced parts. I eventually sold it because it was impossible to get consistent speed during a slide. The K3 is a REAL slider, a versatile piece of gear that is great for both homemade and professional shoots.


Another great feature of the Konova K3 are the add on options such as the Master Pan. This is what really makes the K3 an essential part of my kit. The Master Pan’s design is simple – two side mounts, a guide bar and panning mount, all of which fit seamlessly with the K3. This combination allows the K3 to create a parallax effect which keeps the subject centered as the background appears to “wrap” around them. It’s a subtle move that can be used in a variety of ways for interviews, interior shots, and landscapes. Since I do a lot of product reviews, the Master Pan, can turn a boring, static product shot into something that’s way more exciting to look at.


With the K3 Slider, Master Pan and the weight of the camera, lenses and accessories, the Konova Tripod Stability Arms are another cool add on which effectively eliminates the need for a second tripod or stands to support the slider. The stability arms are lightweight extension poles that mount underneath the K3 via 1/4-20 threads and attach to the tripod legs with adjustable clamps. I’ve used the stability arms on both heavy duty and lightweight tripods and in both situations they performed as expected. They also provide a nice level of comfort that your expensive camera won’t easily topple to the ground by an accidental bump.


Overall, I’m very pleased with the Konova K3 Slider, Master Pan and Stability Arms as a complete package. The setup time was incredibly fast since each piece is integrated seamlessly. The carrying case is great for traveling since it can hold the K3, Master Pan guide bar and Stability Arms all at once. While the camera gimbal crazy is still going strong, having a solid slider system for precise camera moves that you can nail each time is key. For more information visit the Konova website at konovaphoto.com

product information button runplayback Konova Slider K3 100cm (39.4-Inch)

product information button runplayback Konova Tripod Stability Arms for Slider (2 Arms In)

product information button runplayback Konova Master Pan for K3 100cm Slider

Cool-Lux Launches Online Store With 30% Off Camera Rigs And Accessories

The Sony FS7 was a popular camera on the floor at this year’s NAB Show, however, the design and weight definitely requires some kind of modular support system. Luckily, Cool-Lux has created the Cool-Lux SHIFT Baseplate which features a quick-shift release button that allows shooters to quickly and easily transition between tripod and shoulder mount modes while also providing extra chest support for stability. Also, from now until June 30th 2015, Cool-Lux is offering a 30% discount on the SHIFT Baseplate as well as all of their camera rig and accessories via their online store. Judging from the quality of their parts at NAB, this is an incredible value. For more information visit their company website at Cool-Lux.com

Cool-Lux SHIFT Baseplate

product information button runplayback Sony PXW-FS7 XDCAM Super 35 Camera System

Benro Launches the Aero 4 Travel Tripod and BV4/BV6 Aluminum Tripod Kit – NAB 2015

With cameras getting lighter and more powerful each year, there has been a need for more portable, travel friendly tripods that can perform a variety of functions in any situation. The new Benro Aero 4 is a super compact video tripod that uses reverse folding legs which make it small enough to fit inside of a backpack, rolling case or carry on. Another cool feature is that it can easily be converted to a monopod by combining the removable leg and center column. The Benro BV series tripods are twin leg video tripod kits built out of aluminum alloy and great for bare or fully rigged cameras. At this year’s NAB Show we spoke with Brian at Benro for more details. And for more information about these Benro products and accessories, visit their company website at benro.com

product information button runplayback Benro Aero 4 Video Travel Angel Tripod Kit

product information button runplayback Benro BV4 Twin Leg Aluminum Tripod Kit

product information button runplayback Benro BV6 Twin Leg Aluminum Tripod Kit

Switronix Launches New Battery Solutions – NAB 2015

This year’s 2015 NAB Show proved that camera technology continues to innovate exponentially every year so it’s important to have power solutions that can provide seamless integration and reliability. One of the major players in video production power is Switronix whose XP-L90S battery pack is a mainstay of most pro rigs. At their NAB booth we had a chance to preview their latest items on the floor like the VoltBridge, a battery level monitor platform that utilizes a Bluetooth transmitter and mobile app; the Hypercore Prime, a 2-part designed, TSA travel friendly battery pack and the Hypercine, a block battery that can be used to power multiple battery packs while providing 392wh as one unit.

For more information about these Switronix products and accessories, visit their company website at switronix.com

Switronix VoltBridge

Switronix Hypercore Prime

Switronix Hypercine

LanParte HHG-01 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal – NAB 2015

Our 2015 NAB Show coverage continues with a look at LanParte’s HHG-01 3-axis handheld gimbal for a smartphone or GoPro camera. With a simple touch of a button it takes about 2 seconds to calibrate. The camera has a default follow mode and you simply use your wrist to control the pan and tilt. The LanParte HHG-01 3-axis gimbal is very lightweight and incredibly stable. For more further details about the features of this gimbal check out Cheesycam’s NAB coverage below.

HH-01Handheld Gimbals for smartphone and GoPro

Konova Master Pan Parallax Slider – NAB 2015

NAB 2015 coverage continues with a look at the Master Pan slider from Konova. This unique slider system has a bar that allows the tripod head to automatically pan as the base moves down the slider track for smooth parallax shots. This keeps the subject entered perfectly which allows you to focus on the momentum and speed of the slider moves. This is critical for interview shots when you want to emphasize a point that’s being made. Also featured is the motorized version of the Master Pan that allows you to create loop motion, stop motion and timelapse slider shots.

We spoke with Peter from Konova for an in-depth demonstration.

Konova Master Pan Parallax Slider

CamDolly: 5-in-1 Modular Camera Dolly – NAB 2015

NAB 2015 coverage continues with the versatile CamDolly Cinema System, a fully portable and modular dolly system for professional-grade video and film equipment. Here are some of the massive features of the CamDolly:

Ride-On Track Dolly – “The Sidewinder”: full-size dolly with a seat that rides on included Rubber Rail flexible track (or optional rigid track)

Ride-On Doorway Dolly – “Doorway X-Dolly”: full-size dolly with a seat that rides on four skate wheels for smooth surfaces or pneumatic tires for outdoor shooting

Heavy Duty Slider – “XL Slider”: much more stable than a portable slider, the XL Slider is uniquely capable of supporting heavy cameras and performing smooth tracking moves

Tabletop Dolly – “The Table Topper”: attach wheels directly to the core to achieve four-wheel or three-wheel dolly shots on a tabletop, or dramatic shots near ground level

Orbit Dolly – “360° Orbital Dolly”: a three-wheeled dolly with lockable wheels. Lock the wheels to specific degrees (using included chart or app) to easily create graceful arcs around a subject without a track

We spoke with filmmaker Bohus Blahut of CamDolly for a demonstration and to back this super modular dolly system on Kickstarter click here.

CamDolly Cinema System

Polar Pro Launches New GoPro Accessory Line – NAB 2015

Our NAB 2015 coverage begins with some brand new GoPro accessories from Polar Pro. Back at PhotoPlus Expo 2014, Polar Pro impressed us with their line of high quality filters, the Pro View and Power Pole and they continue their innovation by introducing even more professional-grade GoPro accessories. We checked out the StrapMount, which is a quick release mount that attaches a GoPro to any strap or backpack; the ProGrip, which offers a waterproof housing for GoPro batteries that can mount with the Strap Mount; the NoShow Extension Pole, a selfie stick that has an adjustable-angle arm to show less pole and more action; and the soon to be released Power Vault, a GoPro gear case that has an embedded 5200mAH battery which provides power for up to six charges.

We spoke with Polar Pro VP, Austen Butler for more information.

StrapMount-GoPro BackPack/Scuba Mount

ProGrip-Floating GoPro Grip

NoShow-Waterproof GoPro Extension Pole

Sony A7S + Switronix PTC-A7S Coiled Powertap Cable Update

A few weeks ago I posted about the Switronix PTC-A7S Coiled Powertap Cable short circuiting inside of the Sony A7S. Switronix reached out immediately to examine the damaged cable and figure out the source of the malfunction. After running a series of tests – voltage, surge, runtime – the PTC-A7S passed all of them.


Once they shipped the new cable, I had some downtime to test it out at NAB and discovered that the Tilta Hyperdeck Shuttle distributor plate bypassed the on/off switch when both a D-Tap and 12V cable were plugged in simultaneously. This led us to believe that there was a freak, surge of voltage that happened when the Tilta Hyperdeck Shuttle plate sent power to the Switronix PTC-A7S dummy battery even though the switch was off. This was confirmed by Tilta when we visited their booth and demonstrated the glitch.


So shout out to Switronix for their patience with my freak out and super customer service – from testing the cable to also performing on-site quality control at their NAB booth. For the rest of the convention, the PTC-A7S D-Tap Cable performed flawlesly, providing hours of uninterrupted power with the Atomos Shogun. Look for more NAB 2015 coverage when we speak to Switronix about their new HyperCore Li-ion batteries and VoltBridge app. Stay tuned!

Switronix PTC-A7S Coiled Powertap Cable

Switronix XP-L90S V-Type 14.8VDC Lithium Battery