The Populo Metro Complete Urban Bike Lives Up To It’s Name

The Populo Sport is the definitive ebike that introduced me to the excitement and benefits of electric bikes. Since then, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments around the city – mostly due to it’s aesthetic. It simply looks like a clean and sleek urban commuter bike. When Populo arranged for me to check out their latest commuter bike – the non-electric Populo Metro, I couldn’t resist.

With summer finally here, the Populo Metro is an extremely fun bike to ride and carry around the city. The Metro combines the comfort and lightweight of a classic aluminum alloy bike with the minimalism of a 3-speed Shimano Nexus Internal Hub. These two main features make maneuvering around the city a piece of cake.

Changing gears was easy, smooth and very responsive and the Shimano 3-Speed Grip Shifter is easily accessible with a clear display. Plus I like the minimalist, sporty look of the internal hub rather than a gigantic derailleur hanging off the back.

Riding this bike in the city is incredibly efficient while also being stylish enough to match my techwear aesthetic. The Velo saddle is simple and comfortable with the central passage nicely sculpted to relieve pressures on sensitive areas. The strong alloy pedals are also a noticeable improvement over the stock plastic pedals from the Populo Sport.

My only issues with the Metro are minor. Although I ride a small frame, the seat post length is longer than necessary and does not push all the way down into the seat tube due to the water bottle screw threads. A smaller seat post length would have made the bike more adjustable for shorter riders whole prefer their legs to be closer to the ground for the start-and-stop style of urban riding. This is just a personal preference when city riding.

The Populo Metro is made for the city and serves its purpose as an all season, complete urban riding machine. The bike is fun and fast to ride and comes loaded with all the features you need with very little maintenance or adjustment. Simple inclines and flats are easily conquered with the internal gear hub and having only three gears means you can focus on the ride instead of fumbling around with the shifter.

Populo Metro Complete Urban Bike