Ztylus iPhone 6 Case + Revolver Lens + Ring Light Unboxing

Back in October, I had the chance to preview the Ztylus smartphone case with 4-in-1 Revolver Lens as well as a prototype of their LED Ring Light. I finally received the final retails versions and I must say they look and feel way better than the prototypes at PhotoPlus.


The case provides full body aluminum protection and includes an integrated foldable aluminum kickstand to allow you to position your phone in a variety of positions for optimal viewing.

Ztylus Metal Series Camera Kit for iPhone 6


The kickstand can be removed to attach a revolving 4-1 lens accessory that includes a polarizer lens, wide angle lens, magnetic macro lens and an extreme fisheye lens. With the flip out design, it makes it easy to choose a lens and lock it into place for those spontaneous picture moments.


The LED Ring Light is my favorite accessory as it allows you to illuminate your subjects in extremely low light situations. Additionally, it can be detached to give even more options of lighting your subject to create some really advanced smartphone photography. With adjustable temperature controls, 1/4-20 thread mount and various diffusers, this is definitely a useful accessory for multiple shooting environments.

Ztylus LED Ring Light Attachment


Stay tuned for Part 2 where I take the Ztylus out on the field for some run and gun, videography and photography. Also click the banner to receive 25% OFF ALL ZTYLUS PRODUCTS with our special RUNPLAYBACK referral code. Hit me in the comments if you have any questions.


  • Very cool! Especially the ring light. Actually thinking of getting this down the line. Looking forward to checking out how it does in the field. Thanks!

    • Rik

      The LED Ring Light is awesome, I think I’ll make a seperate video for that one 😉

      • Cool! I can’t wait for that! I love that it does both tungsten & daylight. I was actually thinking of getting one to mess around with before I buy an actual camera. BTW–I’ve been knee-deep in production animating this new project. I haven’t forgotten about sending you the link to the greenscreen/animation vid for the audio, just have been too busy to actually animate it yet. As soon as I do, though, will let you know.